School account setup

To register a school account on RealiseMe, follow the instructions and complete the information requested below.

School Administrator

Register an account as your schools administrator partner with RealiseMe in matching great teachers to compelling opportunities.

Enter your school postcode and select the match in menu below.

If you can't find your school or there's an error with the name, please contact us.

Note: if we can't find an email address for your school or you're using a different email address, please get in touch through the contact us button at the bottom right of your screen.

This email address must be your offical school email address.

What is a School account?

A RealiseMe school account allows you, as the administrator to post job adverts and find staff who are looking for supply and permanent positions. Each school can only be claimed by an official school administrator with a school email address. If your email address does not match that shown then contact the RealiseMe team for help.